Auckland University Of Technology Gpa

This information is for current AUT students applying for AUT scholarships. The academic results you use to calculate your GPA must be from AUT or other New Zealand universities.

Your calculated GPA is an unofficial indication, and intended as a guideline for scholarship applications only.

Before you use the calculator: information you need

A GPA for scholarship purposes is normally calculated using:

  1. A minimum of 240 points of graded course results over the last two years, assuming full-time study
  2. If more than 240 points of courses have been taken over the two years, use all the points
  3. If the last two years of study are not full-time (ie less than 240 points in total) go back by full semesters or full years until at least 240 points are obtained.
  4. Do not include withdrawn papers or CoPs (Certificates of Proficiency) when counting your points.
  5. If the scholarship eligibility requires GPA for one year only – use 120 points from your most recent year of study.

To use the calculator

  1. Have your results from your most recent two years of full-time/equivalent study at a New Zealand university
  2. Enter the points value for each paper next to the relevant grade (if you have more than one of the same grade, enter in the combined points value for those grades)
  3. You must enter any fail grades, including DNS (Did not sit) and DNC (Did not complete) – they retain their points but have a zero numeric value
  4. Your GPA will display to the nearest 3 decimal places
Total pointsGradeTotal points value
Sum of points : 0Sum of total points value : 0
GPA : 0

How your GPA is calculated

A numeric value is given to each grade and an average is calculated by using the points values of the papers you have taken.

Converting your grade to a numeric value

For each paper where the points are included in the total of 240 points (or greater), you need to convert your grade to a numeric value:

  • A+ = 9
  • A = 8
  • A- = 7
  • B+ = 6
  • B = 5
  • B- = 4
  • C+ = 3
  • C = 2
  • C- = 1

Fail grades, including DNS (did not sit) and DNC (did not complete) etc, still retain their points but have a zero numeric value.

Calculating your GPA

For each paper included in the total of 240 points (or greater) multiply the points value by the numeric (grade) value, and then divide this sum by the total sum of points. Make sure you report your GPA to the nearest three decimal places (eg 7.500).

  • GPA = sum of (grade value x points value) ÷ sum of (total sum of points)

Example calculation of GPA

PaperProgrammeGradePointsGrade ValueTotal Pts Value
PSYCH 796BMAA60.008480
PSYCH 796AMAA60.008480
PSYCH 721BAHonsA-15.007105
PSYCH 725BAHonsB15.00575
PSYCH 761BAHonsB+15.00690
PSYCH 788BBAHonsA+22.509202.5
PSYCH 746BAHonsA-15.007105
PSYCH 760BAHonsB-15.00460
PSYCH 788ABAHonsA+22.509202.5
   (Sum of Points)  (Sum of GrdVal x Pts)
TOTALS  240.00  1800.00
GPA   GPA7.500

GPA:1800÷240= 7.500