Auckland University Of Technology Sports Management

Develop expertise in sport management, marketing, facilities and events management, sponsorship, sport development, high performance sport leadership, law and finance.

Management skills are needed across the sport and recreation industries. The sports field isn’t like a traditional business and neither are the management skills needed to succeed in this area. With the large number of professional athletes, sports organisations, facilities and events in New Zealand, people with specialist business and management skills are in high demand.

You learn from staff with international and national experience, and have the opportunity to work with local and national sporting bodies and events.

This is part of the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation.

Year 1
Semester 1 papers
  • HEAL506 Knowledge, Enquiry and Communication
  • SPOR504 Leadership in Sport and the Outdoors
  • SPOR511 Skill Learning in Sport and Recreation
  • SPSC501 Sport and Exercise Science Fundamentals
Semester 2 papers
  • SPOR501 Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • SPOR502 Innovative Planning in Sport and Recreation
  • SPOR503 Contemporary Issues in Sport and Recreation
You also need to complete one of these papers
  • HEAL507 Health and Environment
  • HEAL505 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • HEAL504 Lifespan Development and Communication
Year 2
  • SPOR610 Law and Ethics in Sport and Recreation
  • SPOR624 Group and Individual Behaviour
  • SPOR608 Evidence Based Practice
  • SPOR605 Sport Management
  • SPOR614 Sport Finance
  • SPOR604 Sport Marketing
  • SPOR607 Sport Development

Plus one optional/elective paper.

This year also includes two work placements of 30-40 hours, designed to introduce you to the workplace and help you identify where you want to complete your third-year workplace experience.

Year 3
Papers you study this year
  • SPOR709 Sport and Recreation Co-operative I
  • SPOR710 Sport and Recreation Co-operative II
  • SPOR705 Sport and Recreation Leadership Advanced
  • SPOR702 Entrepreneurship in Sport and Recreation

Plus two optional/elective papers.

Workplace experience

In your third year you complete 350 to 400 hours in an organisation, which includes working on a project related to your major through the Cooperative Education papers. This takes approximately two days per week.

Recent placements included:

  • Athletics New Zealand
  • Counties Manukau Sport
  • Halberg Disability Sport Foundation
  • Harbour Sport
  • Hockey New Zealand
  • New Zealand Breakers
  • New Zealand Cricket
  • New Zealand Rugby League
  • New Zealand Rugby Union
  • Nike NZ
  • Northern Arena
  • School sports departments
  • Touch North Harbour
  • Total Sport (event management)
  • Triathlon New Zealand
  • The GEMBA Group