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We’re AXA – Global Healthcare, and we’re experts when it comes to healthcare around the world. We use AXA’s resources around the world to help our members access quality medical care whenever they need it. We do that by matching them up with international health insurance that suits them, and by keeping them supported before, during and after treatment.

We help our members to live life to the fullest, knowing we’ll be here to help if they need us.

What international health insurance plans do you offer?
  • We offer international health insurance plans for people buying for themselves, or businesses buying for their employees. 
  • We can help whether you’re living or working abroad for a short time or for longer.
  • And we can help whether you need cover worldwide or for a specific region.
So you’re a big company… does that mean you’re better?

When it comes to supporting people all round the world, size is a very good thing. We can use all our local knowledge and global expertise to help make sure you get the care you need – including getting you to a different country in an emergency if you can’t be treated locally. 

Being part of a global company means we have expertise around the world. So you can trust us to take care of you, no matter where you are. It also means that hospitals and clinics around the world will trust your cover. 

Being a big company doesn’t mean we’re hard to get hold of. One call or email to our friendly, experienced global team, and we’ll get everything moving. It’s that easy.

How long have you been around?

You might know us as AXA PPP International, AXA Global Protect or AXA Healthcare Management. Our team brings together those three brands – and all their expertise – to create one business dedicated to global healthcare and nothing else. 

For over 55 years, AXA has been helping people who live and work internationally to access the healthcare they need. You’re in safe hands.

AXA Insurance Products

International health insurance: designed for life

Wherever life takes you, we’ll be there
Everyone needs a little certainty sometimes

We can find you an international health insurance plan for wherever life takes you. We’ve got you covered. 

  • Moving abroad for the first time? We can help you find your way round the local healthcare system.
  • A seasoned business traveller? We can help you get the right care no matter which time zone you happen to be in.
  • Looking to boost the healthcare you can access locally? Whether you’re an expat or have lived there your whole life, you can get access to international specialists and expert care when you need it.
  • Unsure about the cost of healthcare abroad? International health insurance takes the guesswork out of healthcare costs with a predictable monthly bill.

International medical insurance to suit you

We offer five levels of cover to help you find the right international private medical insurance, based on your needs and budget. For more detail on what’s covered, read on.

With any of our cover levels, you’ll have access to private healthcare anywhere in the world, including access to our AXA select network of hospitals where we can pay your treatment costs directly for you. 

 This is different to a travel insurance policy, which usually offers short term cover for medical emergencies, and non-medical benefits like cover for lost luggage or cancellations. If you need both, we can do that too – you can find out more on our travel health insurance page.

Short-term international health insurance

Reassurance if you’re working, living or travelling abroad for 3-11 months
Why short-term international health insurance?

Whether you’re travelling the world, taking the opportunity to work abroad for a few months or maybe you’re moving overseas but you haven’t decided how long you’ll be away, if you’re looking for cover for less than 12 months you can have exactly the same cover as with the yearly Standard cover level – just for less time. 

  • Choose any time period from 3 to 11 months and only pay for the cover you need.
  • That means you don’t need to waste money on an annual policy when you won’t need to use it for the whole year.

An international standard of cover

With our short term plan, you get exactly the same cover, support, and expert global customer service as with the yearly Standard cover level. 

With cover for the big bills as well as wide-ranging cancer treatment and emergency help, your health is in safe hands while you’re away.

You can also enhance your plan for extra reassurance. Adding out-patient cover means routine scans and tests and trips to the doctor will be included too. And if you think you might fit in some extra travel, our travel insurance will cover you for lost luggage or delayed flights on both business trips and holidays.

  • Cover wherever you happen to be

You’ll have cover throughout your chosen area – including or excluding the USA – and emergency cover everywhere if you need to go into hospital for a day or more, even if you’ve chosen to exclude the USA. That means no matter where you are, you can access expert care quickly. 

And if it’s an emergency and you can’t get the treatment you need locally, our team will make sure you get to where you need to be – and back home again.

  • Cover that goes further than travel insurance

Unlike travel insurance, a short-term international health plan will cover your general health as well as emergencies. That means you’re covered if you need to have a scan or break your tooth – you won’t need to wait until you get home to get the treatment you need. 

We’re available 24/7 too, so there’s always someone to speak to in your language. We have the knowledge to help you navigate the local healthcare system or help you with your claim.

  • Am I covered for the medical conditions I had before I joined?

If you already have international health insurance and want to switch to AXA, we may be able to cover your existing medical conditions. This can depend on the terms of your plan and the level of cover you choose. 

In most cases, to keep the costs our customers pay sustainable, our plans are designed to cover the treatment of medical conditions that start after you join. To find out more about what our plans do and don’t cover, call us on +44 (0) 1892 596424 and one of our friendly advisers will be happy to help.

International student health insurance

Being a student is an exciting time: it might be the first time you move out of home, it’s an opportunity to meet new people and for some, it’s a chance to see the world. So if you’re studying abroad, make sure you’ve thought about international student health insurance. It covers you when you’re studying overseas or if you want health insurance that covers you in more than one country. 

When you move somewhere new, things like how much you pay for a filling or the cost of a trip in an ambulance are likely to be far from your mind. But by taking out an international health insurance plan, these costs can be taken care of. And for the worst case scenarios, our health plans also cover hospital stays and evacuation costs, so once you’ve recovered, you can continue studying in your chosen location.

We’re here for you

When looking at international student health insurance options, it’s good to know we have you in mind. Just choose a plan that works for you. With our global health plans you’ll get: 

  • Benefits you can use from day one 
    We don’t believe you should have to wait to make the most of your plan, so most benefits don’t have a waiting period.
  • Support day and night 
    From checking something is covered to making a claim, our team of experts are here to help you 24/7.
  • Hospital treatment 
    Whether you need to be in hospital for a few hours, days or weeks, our plans can cover you. 
  • Access to our health information phone line
    If you have a medical question you can call our qualified medical team whenever you want. 
  • A second opinion 
    If you’re not sure about a diagnosis or treatment plan we can get you an independent second opinion.
  • Cover for accidents and emergencies 
    If the unexpected happens your plan can cover the costs of your tests and treatment.

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