Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited

Cigna New Zealand is a leading specialist provider of life insurance, funeral insurance, income protection insurance, travel insurance, and trauma insurance products and services. We’ve been operating in New Zealand for over 100 years, and now protect more than 450,000 New Zealanders with our insurance policies.

Cigna New Zealand is part of Cigna Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest publicly-owned insurance and financial services companies. Cigna Corporation has a long tradition of service stretching back over 200 years.

In New Zealand, we offer Cigna branded products through best-practice direct marketing. We also make our products available to partner companies to retail in their own names.

Cigna New Zealand has a history of continuous innovation in the insurance industry and an uncompromising commitment to service excellence.

Whether you are a Cigna New Zealand insurance policyholder, are thinking about one of our policies, or are considering working with us either as an employee or partner, our website has information and services to help you. Or contact us at any time regarding your Cigna New Zealand policy, or any of our insurance products and services.

Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited Products

  • Personal Insurance

Assurance Extra

Assurance Extra is our master policy for your personal life insurance needs.

We offer six different benefits:

  • Life & Life Income Cover
  • Trauma Cover
  • Mortgage Repayment Cover
  • Income Cover
  • Complete Disablement Cover
  • Premium Cover

Click on the links below for more information or contact your adviser. If you don’t have an adviser then we can put you in touch with someone in your area. All you need to do is phone us on 0508 464 999


Funeral Cover Insurance

Funeral cover pays out if you pass away. You’ll be immediately covered for Accidental Death, and fully covered after 24 months. If you pass away from natural causes within the first 24 months, we will refund 100% of any premiums paid. Get an estimate online >

What’s included
  • The tax-free money from the payout can be used for anything.
  • Cover is fixed for life.
  • You’ll have 30 days to review your policy. If it doesn’t meet your needs you can return it for a full refund of any premiums paid.
What’s excluded
  • Death by suicide or intentional self-injury is not covered within 13 months of when your policy starts.
  • Depending on how long you have your policy, you may pay more in premiums than you receive in cover.
  • If you cancel your policy after 30 days, you will not receive a refund on premiums paid.
  • Income Cover Insurance

Your ability to earn may be your greatest financial asset and Income Cover is designed to protect it. If you had an accident or became ill and that meant you could no longer work, Income Cover can provide you with a regular monthly income. This allows you to focus on your recovery without worrying about how to pay the bills or maintain your current lifestyle.

What’s included:
  • Receive a monthly payment while you’re disabled as a result of an illness or injury
  • Available to those aged 16 – 55 (maximum age of 60 for occupation class 1 & 2)
  • Provides an additional lump sum payment if an illness or injury leaves you totally and permanently disabled
  • Waiver of your waiting period if your disability returns within 12 months (or 6 months in certain circumstances) of going off claim
  • Additional financial support for the cost of returning to New Zealand if you become totally disabled while overseas
  • Comprehensive cover with built-in benefits to assist you during your recovery and your process of returning to work
  • A range of additional optional benefits to enhance your cover to tailor it to your needs
  • Includes access to our Cigna Client Benefits which offers a range of additional service
What’s excluded
  • Intentional self-harm including attempted suicide
  • Taking part in a criminal activity
  • Pregnancy or complications resulting from pregnancy, unless the disability lasts more than 90 days after the pregnancy
  • Failure to comply with the advice and treatment recommended by an appropriate medical practitioner

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance pays if something unexpected happens on your trip. Get an estimate online. For recent travel advisories please click here.

What’s included
  • All travellers will need to confirmthey have not been advised not to travel by a medical practitioner.
  • The price you’ll pay is based on your age, duration of your trip and your destination(s).
  • You can insure pre-existing medical conditions for an additional premium depending on your condition and the circumstances of your trip.
What’s excluded
  • All travellers must begin their trip from New Zealand, and have a return ticket back to New Zealand.
  • Some hazardous activities aren’t covered.
  • All travellers must hold a New Zealand passport, residency visa or be an Australian passport holder living in NZ.
  • Please note: Any new travel insurance policy does not cover you for claims related to COVID-19 and there are also exclusions for pandemics and claims resulting from Government enforced instructions. Your policy will cover you for a wide range of other scenarios, but it’s important you read your policy document carefully. If you have any questions please contact us.

LifeOne® Life Insurance

LifeOne Life Insurance pays out if you pass away, or if you are critically ill.

What’s included
  • Advanced funeral payout – Receive a portion of your cover early while we process your claim
  • Early pay out for terminal illness to use for treatments or taking care of your family (up to $500,000).
  • Optional Critical Illness cover provides an early pay out for critical illness so you can recover and support your family while you get better.
What’s excluded
  • In some cases, we can’t cover existing medical conditions, but we’ll take you through this in your application
  • Death from war, terrorism or riot.
  • Death by suicide or intentional self-injury, within 13 months of getting covered.

Business Insurance

Business Assurance

Business Assurance offers benefits that will provide your business with a necessary cash injection to pay off debt, provide cash for buy/sell obligations, or cover business expenses should a key person or shareholder pass away or suffer an illness or injury.

There are six covers which you can choose from. The covers include:

  • Life Cover
  • Trauma Cover (accelerated)
  • Complete Disablement Cover (accelerated)
  • Business Overheads Cover
  • Key Person Start-Up Cover
  • Premium Cover

Business Extra

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to your business if you suddenly got sick and couldn’t go to work? What if it was one of your business partners or an employee with specialised knowledge? How would this affect your business in the short term? If a return to work was not possible then what would be the long term implications? What would happen if a key person died?

Business Extra will keep your business healthy when the health of you or one of your key people has failed. It provides comprehensive cover based on the expected financial impact on a business over time if a key person is unable to come to work.

All contingencies are conveniently covered in one policy, as different monthly sums assured can be selected, with lump sums payable on long-term disability, trauma and death. This means that you can select the level of your benefit to cover a range of scenarios, without the need for multiple benefits.

Agribusiness Extra

As a farmer you know how unpredictable life can be, and it’s not just the elements you have to worry about. On top of the day-to-day risks of manual labour, you face the same health threats as everyone else – like cancer and heart disease. And you can only be as productive as your body lets you be.

Which begs the question – if you were unable to take care of the farm due to illness or injury will the financial needs of you and your farm be met?

Insurance cover is a vital contingency plan for any farmer, as it can take just one setback to jeopardise years of hard work. Agribusiness Extra aims to protect the financial viability of a farm (and income), when a farmer is unable to work due to disability. Agribusiness Extra also provides lump sum payments should the farmer become permanently disabled, suffer a traumatic condition or pass away.

Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited Contact Details

Contact Details

Our customer service lines are open from 8.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Please take a look at the options below so we can connect you with the right team to help.

Business hours: 8am – 6pm

Free Phone: 0800 900 047 or 0800 881 675 for Travel
Overseas: 0064 4 931 9772 
Fax: 0064 4 470 9151
Email: [email protected]
PO Box: PO Box 24031, 
Wellington 6142
Address: Level 24, 100 Willis Street, 
Wellington, 6011

Business hours: 8:30am – 5pm

Free Phone: 0508 464 999
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P.O Box: Private Bag 92131, 
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Business hours: 8:30am – 5pm

Free Phone: 0800 658 585
Overseas: +64 4470 7737
Fax: 0800 100 520
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P.O Box: PO Box 787, 
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