Corporate Guarantee

Risk is potential harm that may come from a present process or future event. We often associate risk with probability and when conducting a professional risk assessment, this combines the likelihood of a negative event occurring with how harmful it would be. Understandably, risk can be terrifying to business owners, since, no matter what industry you are in, risk is guaranteed to be encountered.

As a business owner, you may be unsure which risks you should retain and which ones you best avoid or transfer.

This is where Corporate Guarantee comes in, by assisting you in both analysing and optimising your risk management process.

Advantages of the product:

  • The contingency policy enables you to retain specific risks in a tax efficient manner and can be used in combination with conventional insurance as part of your total insurance programme. This promotes good risk management and allows you to potentially save on your conventional insurance premiums as well as gain financial independence in the long-run
  • Certain risks that might normally be excluded by conventional insurance could also be covered by the policy
  • The Insured is rewarded for good risk management and can share in underwriting profits through a no-claims bonus
  • The policy can assist you to enhance your cash flow
  • The premiums that are not used in the current period, can be renewed, and utilised in future
  • The 20% additional risk transfer can be increased and tailormade to meet your individual needs
  • There are no renewal, monthly or cancellation fees
  • You can gain access to your fund within 24 hours

Additional benefits

Your policy can be pledged as security to access:

  • A loan facility to enhance your cashflow, by loaning back up to 90% of your experience account value at favourable interest rates


  • The issuing of guarantees, if needed


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