Different Life Insurance

Different Life is a financial services provider. We sell life insurance policies underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART). Our products can be purchased online or via our call centre.

All our customers have the opportunity to make a difference by joining Different.org and donating their first payment every year to charity.

Different Life Insurance Products

Life Cover

In the event of your death, the cover amount will be paid to your nominated beneficiaries following a successful claims assessment. 

Salary Protection

Salary Protection will pay you the cover amount each month while you are unable to perform your insured occupation for more than 3 consecutive months of being off work due to a disability. 

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover will pay you the cover amount in full if you are diagnosed with or suffer from: stroke, heart attack, heart surgery or cancer as defined and confirmed by the appointed medical officer, using industry best practice to assess the diagnosis. 

Disability Cover

Disability Cover will pay the cover amount in full if you are totally and permanently unable to perform your insured occupation and any similar occupation to which you are suited by skill, education and training due to a disability. 

Accidental Products

If for any reason you don’t qualify for our primary products (Life Cover, Disability Cover and Salary Protection), you may still have the option to purchase the Accident-Only variations of these products 


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