HIFX Bank Australia

HiFX help thousands of individuals and businesses to transfer money every day, quickly, easily, securely and at highly competitive exchange rates.

Who can benefit from HiFX?

HiFX is available for many types of Australians looking to convert and move funds overseas. Some of these include:

International property owners – Buying property overseas can net Australian investors healthy profits, especially due to our strong currency. Unfortunately, unlike regular domestic property investment, exchange rates can add an extra layer of risk to your investment. HiFX can be used to set up regular transfers to pay off your foreign mortgage, and can help you save fees and on exchange rates.

Migrant workers – Moving to Australia can see you get a better salary to send back to your family, but like any other international transfer, you can get more bang for your buck by using a service like HiFX.

International students – While studying in Australia you might need to send money back home to pay for expenses.

How to use HiFX

If you feel HiFX could be a useful service to you, you can carry out a transfer easily.

  • Register. First you’ll need to sign up, which is free and can be done at any time of the day. You can register by clicking the ‘Go to Site’ button above. You will also need to provide identification documents including your passport and drivers licence as well as a document certifying your address.
  • Get a quote. After you’ve registered you’ll need to discuss with HiFX what currencies you need and what type of transfer you’re looking to make. They can help suggest different ways to carry out your transaction.
  • Give your recipient’s details and when you’d like to pay them. The next step will require you to let HiFX know who you’re transferring to and when, and also will require you to provide a security payment.
  • Send HiFX your transfer funds. You’re now ready to send HiFX your money and being the transfer.
  • Track your payments. You can now sit back and track your payments to ensure they reach their destination.