Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Malaysia (hereinafter referred to as ‘ICBC Malaysia’or‘the Bank’), a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited having its registered office at Level 10, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur City Center, 50088 Kuala Lumpur,was incorporated on 28 January, 2010 and officially commenced its business on 28 April, 2010.

As a full banking license financial institution, coupled with the deepening relationship between China and Malaysia, the Bank is actively and will continue to provide high quality financial services at all aspects to its customers, be that of trade, cross-border enterprises/investors, financial institutions and retail.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad Products

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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad Contact Details

  •   Address: Level 10, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur City Center, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  •   Tel: 0060-3-23013399
  •   Fax: 0060-3-23013388
  •   Email:[email protected]
  •   Postcode: 50088

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad Swift Code


Swift Code ICBKMYKL is the unique bank identifier for INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (MALAYSIA) BERHAD.‘s head office branch located in KUALA LUMPUR – MALAYSIA and it’s used to verify financial transactions such as a bank wire transfers (international wire transfers). Check the ICBKMYKLXXX SWIFT / BIC code details below.

The bic / swift code provides information about the bank and branch where the money should be transferred. Being able to check information about the code will provide you with the proper information necessary to make or receive payments. Some banks and their associated branches benefit from an address listing which provides you with the means to match swift codes with financial institution office address.

This bic / swift code directory provides businesses and individuals with an easy way to verify bank details and avoid international money transfer mistakes.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad Mobile Banking

The tailor-made mobile banking client developed by ICBC provides comprehensive mobile financial services. You can use this client for handling account inquiry, transfer and remittance, foreign exchange trading, time deposit and other daily banking businesses.

This client is applicable to the customers of following overseas institutions: ICBC (Asia), ICBC (Macau), ICBC (Thai), Singapore Branch, Tokyo Branch, Hanoi Branch, Madrid Branch, ICBC (Canada), ICBC (London), ICBC (New Zealand), ICBC (Malaysia), Vientiane Branch, Phnom Penh Branch and ICBC (USA). 

Recently, ICBC upgraded the mobile banking of ICBC (Asia), ICBC (Macau), ICBC (Thai) and Singapore Branch. The “Service” tab, the “Message” tab and the “Me” tab take on a new look. With the functional area more concentrated, the page contents more abundant, the page design more friendly, and the operational experience smoother, the mobile banking is more in line with your using habits. The new functions include:

1. The home page is renewed and upgraded. The service tabs are completely new, with the structure clearer, usage more convenient, and the functional area more concentrated, and you can customize common functions. The search bar is added, which is convenient to quickly locate the service to be handled. More abundant and comprehensive promotional information is provided, and the wonderful things are not to be missed.

2. The “Message” tab is upgraded in an all-round way. The “Message” tab includes two columns of “Messenger” and “Information”, and you can check the information content without logging in the mobile banking. It is more convenient to check information through the “Messenger” column, and the relevant business handling function are directly interlinked. The “Information” column provides a clear picture of various financial information. You can also search for messenger and information through keywords.

3. The “Me” tab is upgraded in an all-round way. Upon logging in, the information such as your wealth status, service star rating and collected information in the Bank will be presented on the “Me” tab, and there are buttons with direct access to common service functions.
4. The “Smart Reminder” tab is added. Your financial to-do lists are summarized and presented in the form of financial calendar, including credit card repayment, loan repayment, time deposit maturity etc. You can also set other personalized items, and the Bank will prompt you according to the set time.

5. The “Transfer and Remittance” service is upgraded. The exclusive channel for transfer and remittance is created, and the functions of “One-click Transfer” and “Cross-border Remittance via Phone Number” are newly launched. The “One-click Transfer” substantially reduces the information required to enter upon transfer and remittance, and you can initiate transfer and remittance by simply entering necessary contents such as amount. In ICBC Quick Remittance service, you can easily complete the remittance to mainland China by entering the payee’s phone number instead of the card number.

6. The “Investment and Wealth Management” service is upgraded. The exclusive channel for investment and wealth management is created, where you can concentratedly handle various investment and wealth management services, with the key information such as WM products and return on investment clear at a glance.