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Lifetime began in 2013 and after two years of international research and development, by Founder and Managing Director, Ralph Stewart. The Lifetime Income Fund was launched in 2015. We’re now New Zealand’s largest insured retirement income and annuity specialist,managing over $250 million of assets.

Our purpose is to help people enjoy their retirement with the security of an income for life

We’re a proudly New Zealand owned company run by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry including: leading financial commentator and adviser, Martin Hawes; and former Retirement Commissioner, Dame Diana Crossan.

Lifetime is also fortunate to have benefit from the experience and wisdom of Sir Michael Cullen, Former Deputy Prime Minister, who played an extensive role in Lifetime as a Board Director for four years (2017 – 2020). 

Why choose Lifetime?
  • A guaranteed income for life – Lifetime gives you certainty. You know you’ve got money coming in every fortnight to pay the bills, just like when you were working.
  • Protects your downside – you don’t need to worry about market downturns or low interest rates affecting your income. With Lifetime, you have an insured and guaranteed income for life.
  • Your income is secure -Lifetime is licensed as an insurance company by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Your investment is held and supervised by the Public Trust, a crown entity.
  • Your money is always yours – you can add to or withdraw your funds at any time. It’s your investment and you’re in control at all times. If you pass away, your balance will be paid to your estate.
  • Helps you bridge the income gap – Lifetime gives you a permanent fortnightly income to help you top up your Super and meet your regular expenses.
  • It’s tax effective – your income payments are paid after fees and tax.

Lifetime Grow

Invest today, so you don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

Don’t let a market downturn affect your future retirement income. With Lifetime Grow you can secure your Lifetime Income today.

Why Lifetime Grow?

When you’re about to retire, you may have the most savings that you’ve ever had. A market downturn can therefore have a big impact the amount of money you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Can you afford to lose 10% of your retirement nest-egg?

As you no longer work when you’re retired, you don’t have the opportunity to ride out market cycles and earn your capital back. Lifetime removes this risk by insuring your income. Regardless of what happens to interest rates or financial markets, the income you get from Lifetime is insured and guaranteed for life.

How does Lifetime Grow work?

Lifetime Grow is when you invest and defer your Income Payments to start at a later date. This could be days, months or years.

On the day you invest we give you a Protected Income Base and an Income Rate, based on the age you choose to start your Income Payments. Don’t worry you can change your start date at anytime. And if you are older at the new start date your Income Rate will increase.

Each year, your Protected Income Base is reset to the higher of your investment account balance or its present value. This locks in annual returns and protects your future income from market volatility.

While your account balance will fluctuate with investment markets, yourProtected Income Base will not.

Because your Regular Income is calculated from your Protected Income Base, this means your income can rise or remain the same, but it cannot fall. 

All increases to your Protected Income Base are locked in and cannot fall.

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