RUSD Investment Bank Inc (Labuan)

RUSD is a concept of Islamic economic jurisprudence. Closely related to Waqf (endowment) but far more flexible in dealing with assets, the name “RUSD” symbolizes our fervent commitment to reviving concepts dormant in Islamic jurisprudence for application in a modern context – bridging tradition and innovation. The wisdom of Islamic financial solutions evolves dynamically with us.

Today, RUSD Investment Bank Inc. (RUSD Bank) offers a new facet of Islamic investment and financial services, in not only traditional asset management products, private placements, financial advisory services but also Islamic Trusts with features similar to Waqf, allowing investors greater control in managing, investing and allocating their assets. 

We provide premium services to private individuals of high-networth, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, pension trustees, corporations, charities and endowments (Awqaf). Our specialisation is in the areas of Investment Banking, Portfolio Management and Wealth Management & Estate Planning. 

RUSD Investment Bank Inc (Labuan) Products

Investment Banking

Our services ranging from covering corporate advisory, corporate advisory transactions, and capital restructuring.

Portfolio Management

Our impressive portfolio covers a diversified spectrum that focuses on excellent returns from Real Estate Investments, Money Market, Sukuk and Leasing.

Wealth Management & Estate Planning

We provide innovative wealth management and estate planning under Islamic Shariah ambit.

CONTACT RUSD Investment Bank Inc (Labuan)
U0065,2nd floor, 
Jalan OKK,Awang Besar, 
87000, FT Labuan , Malaysia
Tel: +608 7452 100 
Fax: +608 7453 100

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