The University Of Auckland Dorms

The University of Auckland is the largest university in New Zealand, located in the country’s largest city, Auckland. This university contains over 40,000 students. The college contains plenty of students to make new friends. Here are 10 different dorms to visit.

1. Whitaker Hall

 Residence Address: 27 Whitaker Place, Auckland Central Whitaker Hall contains capabilities of holding over 160 students. You are able to get your food catered and visit the dining hall. There are dining options if you are vegetarian as well as study rooms, music rooms, and community rooms for events.

2. University Hall – Towers

 Residence Address: 30 Whitaker Place, Auckland Central The University Hall-Towers are located in the downtown area near campus.There are over 440 students that the building can hold. You have access to a printing area for quick and easy project finishing, there is parking(which is limited), and there is also internet access.

3. University Hall Apartments

 Residence Address: 14 Whitaker Place, Auckland Central The University Hall Apartments are an apartment style living space. It allows students to live in furnished single rooms as well as there is 4 -5 roommates per flat.There are meals served daily in the dining room, which makes it convenient for food.

4. Grafton Hall

 Residence Address: 10A Carlton Gore Road, Grafton Grafton Hall is meant for those students that enjoy the idea of not having to cook their own meals and instead can eat with friends and fellow roommates and neighbors. It allows them extra time to spend on what they need to do as well as Grafton hall has access to a music room and internet access.

5. O’Rorke Hall

 Residence Address: 16 Mount Street, Auckland Central There are over 300 residents that attend the O’Rorke Hall. It is the second largest residence space on campus. The building is a short walk to the city campus centre as well as you can visit the game room inside and the common rooms for access to TVs.

6. Carlaw Park Student Village

 Residence Address: 19-26 Nicholls Ln, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand The Carlaw Park Student Village is a modern and new complex built for new and returning undergrad students.The apartments have 2-4 students in them. You have access to a game room, music room, and an area BBQ outside.

7. 55 Symonds

 Residence Address: 53/55 Symonds St, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand The living space is meant for those students who are 18 years and older. You have access to community events that give a social aspect to your stay and allows you to meet new friends.There is a TV and theater room as well as a bike storage area.

8. Grafton Student Flats

 Residence Address: 50-62 Seafield View Road, Grafton. The Grafton Student Flats are available to those students who are undergrad(but not first year) and post grad students. The students have access to RAs that hold community events as well as are there for you at any time for questions and concerns.

9. Goldies Homestead

 Residence Address: Goldies Estate on Waiheke Island This is a special area for those who are enrolled in the Wine Science programme on Waiheke Island .Wine Science is the study of creating and making a successful winery.You have access to a TV and DVD player as well as kitchen and stove.

10. UniLodge Anzac/Beach

 Residence Address: 138 Anzac Ave, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand UniLodge Anzac/Beach has over 300 students who want to live out a more independant lifestyle after their first year.You have access to a theatre, gym and a game room. You also can enjoy a soak at the pool area and a sun deck. There are RAs available at anytime.