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Undergraduate study at FMHS

Explore the subjects, programmes and courses that you can study at an undergraduate level in our faculty.

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The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences is New Zealand’s largest provider of medical and biomedical research.

The faculty was established in 1968 as the University of Auckland School of Medicine. Traditionally known for its training of doctors, the faculty now offers a full range of health and biomedical science programmes at undergraduate level.

We have a wide range of undergraduate study options designed to help you succeed in your desire health career; check them out below.


Do you know what areas of study interest you? Browse the subjects that we teach at an undergraduate level in FMHS.

Undergraduate subjects


Start your study journey in the medical and health sciences by selecting the programme that’s right for you.

Undergraduate programmes


Each semester you’ll enrol in different courses that comprise your undergraduate programme. These courses covere a range of topics relevant to your programme, from foundational skills and knowledge to elective courses based on topics of interest.

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate study at FMHS

Explore the subjects, programmes and courses that you can study at a postgraduate level in our faculty.

Whether your goal is to further your learning through taught courses or undertake ground-breaking research, the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences offers a wide range of subjects, programmes and courses for postgraduate students.

Established in 1968, the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences is New Zealand’s largest provider of medical and biomedical research. We offer a full range of health and medical science programmes at postgraduate level, led by internationally recognised academics and researchers.


With more than 50 subjects to choose from, our faculty provides opportunities for postgraduate students to pursue study and research in a range of areas of interest.
Postgraduate subjects


From diplomas to doctorates, our faculty offers a multitude of postgraduate programmes to help you further your knowledge and your career.
Postgraduate programmes


Once you’re accepted in your programme of choice, you’ll be able to enrol into both compulsory and elective courses. Visit our courses page to find the relevant course prescriptions and availability. 
Postgraduate courses

International students

We offer an inviting and stimulating environment, great support and award-winning teaching in a range of programmes.

Welcome to our international students!

We welcome a diverse range of international students to our Grafton based campus, located across the road from Auckland City Hospital and the beautiful Auckland Domain.

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s leading university* (ranked #30 worldwide for Pharmacy and Pharmacology). The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences also provides much of the country’s health research.

International students from across the globe enrol in both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and we also offer a great range of taught courses along with opportunities to pursue research.

We offer a supportive learning environment in modern facilities.

We hope you will join us for your career in health.


Karen Dorrian
Senior International Manager
Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 9377

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There are a range of faculty based scholarships available to
international students coming to study at FMHS.  Find out more about our
scholarships here:

  • Deans International Doctoral Scholarship (FMHS)
  • Graduate Entry MBChB International Student Scholarship
  • Master of Health Leadership Scholarship
  • School of Medical Sciences International Masters Scholarship
    More international scholarships