The University Of Auckland Graduate Database

Information published on this website allows you to confirm the graduation of students at The University of Auckland from February 1996 to the most recent graduation.

What information is available?

Only students who have formally graduated are listed on this site. A student who has completed a Certificate course is not listed on this website. Students who have graduated outside these dates or who have not formally graduated are also not included on this website.

Please note that students whose names do not appear on this website may have completed the requirements for a degree or diploma but may not be listed for the following reasons:

  • Students typically graduate in the year following completion of their studies.
  • A student may have deferred graduation or otherwise chosen not to graduate formally.
  • A student whose name has changed since graduation or whose name has a variety of spellings will normally only be listed under the student’s official name at the time of graduation.

To enquire about a person who has formally graduated from the University, but whose name is not listed, please contact