Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.Ltd.

We strive to be creative and innovative as we look to build the Tokio Marine Group. We strive to be brave in our decision making and proud of our achievements, working not only for ourselves but also for future generations. Guided by the principles outlined below, we always act ethically and fairly and conduct ourselves with integrity.

For our Customers

  • We always provide safety and security to our customers.
  • We offer suitable products and services, and continually improve our processes in response to customer expectations. To that end, we pursue simple, speedy and highly transparent working practices to ensure efficiency in everything we do.
  • We always work to reduce costs to offer fair prices to customers.

Together with Our Colleagues around the World

  • We value each other as individuals, recognise each person’s dignity and worth, and understand that we all have personal responsibilities to meet
  • We are a team of professionals with great individuality; we collaborate to make our jobs rewarding and to increase our motivation
  • We are given opportunities for personal and career development and are compensated and promoted fairly
  • We create an environment that is conducive to discussing issues openly and making constructive suggestions.

For our Business Partners

  • We build relationships of mutual trust with brokers and our agents, working with them to respond to customer needs.
  • We aim for mutually sound growth and development with all our business partners.

For the Community, Society and the Global Environment

  • We strive to be a good corporate citizen and to contribute toward the creation of a society that is healthy and secure for all.
  • We spare no effort to protect the global environment for coming generations.

For our Shareholders

Through our wholehearted commitment to these principles, we will ensure that our shareholders benefit from their ownership of the Tokio Marine Group. We will provide them with profitable returns that adequately reflect their investment in us and our organisation.

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