Travel insurance

Travel insurance is designed to protect you against unexpected events when you’re travelling domestically or internationally. It can help with costs associated with events like illnesses and injuries while you’re overseas, lost or stolen luggage and personal effects, cancellation fees and flight delays. Depending on the type of policy and its level of protection, you can be covered for a number of events that can bring your travel plans to a halt.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance protects you against financial loss arising from unforeseen scenarios. Examples of these scenarios include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Illness or injury while overseas (some policies also cover pre-existing medical conditions)
  • Lost or stolen luggage or personal effects (e.g. laptop, suitcases)
  • Cancellation fees
  • Cancelled flights

Depending on where you’re travelling to and how much cover you need, you can choose from either a basic, mid-range or more comprehensive level of cover.

Types of travel insurance


Saving up for a trip can be hard, especially when you’re juggling study and work. That’s why travel insurance for students is vital, as it can protect the money you’ve poured into your adventures. Be aware, however, that you cannot take out travel insurance on yourself if you’re under 16 years of age.
If you’re organising travel insurance for a group of students who require the same level of cover, you can take out a group policy, which can be both cheaper and more convenient than individual policies.


You could be eligible for discounts if you’re travelling in a group of up to 25 people– even if you’re only travelling with three or four couples for the entire trip. On top of this, you can save time by taking out one policy, as opposed to individual policies.
As everyone will have the same level of cover, it’s vital everyone is across the policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) so you’re all aware of any cover limitations or exclusions.


Many insurers cover Australians up to the age of 100 and assess your eligibility for cover if you have pre-existing medical conditions. By undergoing an assessment, you’ll find out how much extra you may need to pay to be covered for certain pre-existing conditions. Sometimes there is no additional cost. As you’re comparing policies, take advantage of our custom filter to find insurers that offer an assessment. This way, you can travel with confidence, knowing what you’re covered for. Always check the policy’s Product Disclosure Statement to be sure you’re aware of all inclusions and exclusions.


Family cover helps protect your loved ones all under the one policy. This type of cover usually features higher benefit limits due to the number of travellers on the one policy. Most insurers are able to cover up to three children travelling with two adults at no additional cost.

List of Notable Travel Insurance Companies

  • Santam travel insurance
  • AIG travel insurance South Africa
  • OUTsurance travel insurance
  • Travel insurance Hollard
  • OLD Mutual insurance