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We apply global strength to solving local needs and are passionate about helping customers understand and protect themselves against risk.

Zurich in New Zealand, headquartered in Auckland, helps customers understand and protect themselves from risk. A local team with expert local knowledge take care of the major operational functions of underwriting, risk management, servicing, technical support and claims.

As a leading global insurer operating locally, the way Zurich works in New Zealand is to focus 100% on brokers to help them access decision-makers.

Zurich’s products in New Zealand are underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, a company incorporated in Australia, trading as Zurich New Zealand.

Global strength

Zurich is a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices, and about 54,000 employees. Zurich delivers general insurance and life insurance products and services for individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized and large companies, including multinational corporations, in more than 210 countries and territories. More information on Zurich Insurance Group worldwide or through the ‘Zurich at a glance’ brochure below.

The Fair Insurance Code

Zurich New Zealand is a signatory to the Fair Insurance Code. The Fair Insurance Code is a code of practice that:

  • Sets minimum service standards for insurance companies
  • Describes the responsibilities that you and your insurance company have to each other, and
  • Encourages professionalism in the insurance industry.

The Code covers all insurance products except health insurance and life insurance.

The Code only applies to individuals and entities with 19 or fewer employees.

Zurich Australian Insurance Limited Products


Keep your business on the move

Zurich covers businesses for potential losses and risks associated with commercial vehicle ownership and operation.

We offer flexible and tailored commercial vehicle insurance solutions across all business vehicle classes — from cars, utes and vans, to trucks, buses, plant and equipment.

Broker and customer benefits:
  • Open Door: Zurich’s online platform offering brokers and large fleet customers 24/7 access, enabling real time claims progress tracking, risk management and claims analytics
  • Risk Management: Zurich can provide risk management solution frameworks to assist customers enhance the safety of their drivers, reduce vehicle downtime, add to the improvement of the safety culture of the organisation and improve the premium rating of the risk
  • National Approved Repairer Network: Zurich’s Approved Repairer network provides a quick and easy way of identifying a repairer
  • 100% intermediated: motor insurance available through brokers only


A long and proud history in protecting large and small companies in the business of moving goods.

Our aim is to be a market leading provider of marine insurance services of world’s best standard in New Zealand.

Our points of differentiation for marine insurance:

  • The expertise of our team which has earned us recognition as a market leader in marine insurance including domestic transit risks.
  • Extensive support and advice to our intermediaries and clients in the use of the most appropriate clauses for their needs and, in particular, the tailoring of an insurance solution through identifying the risks.
  • The depth of expertise and the extensive experience of our team ensure the best possible service.


Protect your business from the unexpected.

Operating a business usually means interacting with many people and while you may do your best to avoid causing injury or damage, there is an ever present risk.  From customers and suppliers entering your premises to work performed offsite. From the products you sell to the way you advertise your products and services. What will it cost you if you are taken to court? The legal costs alone can be significant.

Protect your business against the risk of personal injury and property damage to third parties through one of our Liability insurance policies below.

Financial Lines

Mitigate and minimise your business liability risks in today’s complex regulatory world.

Zurich provides a range of insurance solutions to the New Zealand market focused on minimising the increasingly complex liability risks of today’s professional world. 

Our local knowledge backed by the experience and expertise of our global organisation means we can offer market leading and tailored solutions. Our claims are managed by our own team of experts, many of them highly qualified lawyers with expertise and experience in this specialist and technical field.

Property and equipment

Protect the items that keep you in business.

The property and equipment your business relies on are the lifeblood of your business. 


A trusted foundation for your business.

Zurich Group’s construction team provides tailored insurance solutions and risk engineering services for major construction projects and annual programs to many of the world’s largest contractors.


Specialised insurance solutions for the global energy sector.

Zurich Group’s Energy team provides tailored insurance solutions and risk engineering services for major Energy clients.

Energy Property

We provide Onshore Property coverage on a stand-alone or blended program basis, along with expert risk engineering services. We can tailor programs for a variety of onshore energy operations including oil, gas, renewable energy and petrochemical companies, as well as power generation, mining and mineral processing.

Energy Casualty

We provide comprehensive international casualty onshore energy risk solutions for operational risks and construction projects. This includes risk engineering services and tailored claims support.

International programs

We get people on the ground where you need them.

Tailored, locally aligned and centrally managed insurance programs to protect you across the globe.

From structuring your program to managing claims, a Zurich Group International Program is a full-service offering that covers your insurance needs. It levels out differences in conditions and coverage, giving you a consistent standard of insurance protection and service worldwide.

With Zurich Group’s international insurance solutions, your business receives

  • the protection of an insurance brand trusted around the world
  • a global network with local services provided by people who understand the cultures, languages and laws of their specific territories
  • detailed information on applicable country tax and insurance regulations
  • a single global standard for servicing policies and claims reliably and consistently

Risk Engineering

As your business becomes more complex, so too do your risks.

Zurich’s risk management methodology is a process of continuous improvement that starts with risk identification. We take into account a number of factors to assess and grade your exposures so you can prioritise and manage your risks. Our team of risk engineers work in partnership with our global customers, often over many years, to build up a wealth of in-depth knowledge and insights. This allows us to provide the best advice to help you protect your business by making more informed investment decisions around your risk management strategy.

Zurich’s Risk Assessment methodology

To manage your risks, you must know your risks.The Zurich Hazard Analysis (ZHA) is a powerful method for systematically identifying and managing all types of risks. ZHA has been successfully applied for over 20 years in various industrial sectors, ranging from heavy engineering and electronics to the chemical/pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries as well as service industries such as banking and insurance, and the public sector.

Zurich’s  Risk Grading

We grade your risk using our core risk assessment tool Zurich Risk Grading, which allows benchmarking between a customer’s sites and global industry peers. There are separate gradings available for property fire, business interruption, machinery breakdown, theft and a range of natural perils. In addition we have specific industry gradings for mining, power generation and oil or petrochemical risks.


The consistent risk grading methodology supported by our Risk Engineering reporting platform allows us to provide further  insight in terms of industry and geographical bench marking.

Risk management tools

Helping you understand and minimise risks.

Our suite of powerful tools helps us to work closely with you and share valuable risk insights.

Credit and political risk

Grow globally with confidence.

Multinationals are increasingly turning to the unique business opportunities found in emerging markets as a way to grow and create shareholder value. Yet while many of these markets in regions such as Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa present opportunities for growth and value, they may also be accompanied by risks and volatility. This can also be experienced in developed economies such as Europe, the United States and Japan.

Zurich Group’s network of global experts can provide bespoke trade credit and political risk insurance for a wide range of industries.

Our Group provides credit and political risk insurance for more than 300 of the world’s leading companies, including financial institutions, multinational corporations, project developers, investors, exporters and infrastructure developers.

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