RaboDirect New Zealand is the country’s first online only bank that specialises in savings accounts and other investments..

Originally known as “RaboPlus”, RaboDirect is RaboBank’s brand for online only services. The internet company currently operates in five countries, including Germaeny, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, and of course, New Zealand.

Surprisingly, the first version of the online services was initially launched in New Zealand itself, back in February 2006. From there, they have expanded the brand to the other countries.

The bank specifically states they do not offer traditionally banking products such as cheque facilities, EFTPOS, credit cards, or even mortgages. RaboDirect only wants you to use them for savings and investments.

RaboDirect services

As an online-only business, the company does not have any official branches you can walk in to discuss the services. Feel free to call them on one of the numbers below.

RaboDirect offer a number of online accounts including:

  • RaboSaver
  • PremiumSaver
  • NoticeSaver
  • Term Deposits
  • PIE Funds (managed funds, cash advantage funds, term advantage funds)

RaboDirect Contacts Details

Head office address

Level 23, Vodafone on the Quay
157 Lambton Quay
Wellington, 6011
New Zealand


Postal address

Freepost RaboDirect
P.O. Box 38567
Wellington 5045


Phone numbers

  • From New Zealand: 0800 22 44 33
  • From overseas: +64 4 819 2870

Fax numbers

  • From New Zealand: 0800 22 88 66
  • From overseas: +64 4 819 2871

RaboDirect SWIFT Code

Rabobank Branch NameSwift Code

SWIFT Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Code (BIC) used to specify a particular bank or branch. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also use these codes for exchanging messages between them.

Online banking

Rabobank has been working on digitising its financial services. The number of retail and business customers actively using Rabobank’s mobile app increases.

– Built-in token security without the need to carry it with you, with simplified 6 digit PIN access to your accounts. 

– Check up to three account balances without logging in, using the Balance Peak feature.

– Transfer money in, out, or between your linked accounts.

– Set-up future payments up to 1 year ahead (existing payees only).

– Stay on top of your account information including transaction history.

Please note you can only use the Rabobank New Zealand Mobile Banking app if you have access to the Rabobank Internet Banking System. Visit our website www.rabobank.co.nz/mobile-app/ for further information.